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37th Annual Bergamo Conference on Curriculum Theory and Classroom Practice
Bergamo Conference Center, Dayton, Ohio
October 13–15, 2016
Conference Theme: Curriculum Theory as It Stands



Curriculum Epistemicide: Towards An Itinerant Curriculum Theory

Curriculum Epistemicide: Towards An Itinerant Curriculum Theory

Curriculum Epistemicide: Towards An Itinerant Curriculum Theory

The Bergamo Leadership Group is pleased to announce our second all-conference session —
Provoking Dialogues:
Panel Discussion of João Paraskeva’s Curriculum Epistemicide: Towards An Itinerant Curriculum Theory

Aparna Tarc, York University
Jubin Rahatzad, Purdue University
Nina Asher, University of Minnesota
Mark E Helmsing, University of Wyoming
Chair: Gabe Huddleston, Texas Christian University

Greetings Everyone!

We hope you’ve had a nice summer. As you prepare for your fall conferences, please consider coming to Bergamo on October 13-15th!!!! For those of you who are coming, or who are planning to come, or who would like to think about coming, we invite you to a pre-conference workshop we are calling The Arts of Getting By: A Workshop on the Uses of Objects in Teaching and Research. We are planning a Thursday morning (October 13, from 9am-1pm) of explorations and discussions around how as students, teachers, and researchers make all kinds of lives for ourselves in education. The workshop will explore the passionate relations we craft with objects, including objects that vex and sustain our adventures in teaching and research. We invite teachers, graduate students, researchers, and all other curriculum workers to think through these questions via a series of moderated provocations and conversations. We are hopeful this will provide us all with a nice beginning to the formal conference program beginning Thursday afternoon.

If you would like to attend, please email Jim Garrett at hjames@uga.edu.

For people arriving Wednesday evening, we will gather for informal conversation, meeting and greeting, and local restaurant that we will communicate closer to the time of the conference. We’d be so happy to see you there, and please spread the word to others who you think might be interested.

Remember the deadline for proposals for the conference is August 21st.

Best wishes,

Jim Garrett, Karyn Sandlos, Kevin Burke, and Sara Matthews


The Bergamo Leadership Group is pleased to announce our first all conference session —

Provoking Dialogues I:

Panel Discussion of David Omotoso Stovall’s (2016) Born Out of Struggle: Critical Race Theory, School Creation, and the Politics of Interruption

Rochelle Brock, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
M. Francyne Huckaby, Texas Christian University
Daniel Morales-Doyle, University of Illinois at Chicago
Roland Mitchell, Louisiana State University
Discussant: David Omotoso Stovall, University of Illinois at Chicago

Submit a proposal today:

2016 Call for Proposals

Submission Deadline: August 21st

Please register soon and book your rooms and reserves your meals ASAP. The Bergamo Conference Center has a limited supply of rooms available.

Early Bird Registration by: September 1st

     Thomas Popkewitz, Ph.D.                                 The University of Wisconsin-Madison

Thomas S. Popkewitz, Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, The University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. His studies are concerned with the systems of reason that govern curriculum reforms, the sciences of education, and teacher education. 

His recent publications include Cosmopolitanism and The Age of Reform:  Science, Education And Making Society By Making The Child. (2008); Globalization and The Study of Education (2009, with F. Rizvi, eds);  Schooling and the Making of Citizens in the Long Nineteenth Century: Comparative Visions (2011, D. Tröhler and D, Labaree, eds); Rethinking the history of Education: Transnational Perspectives (2013, ed.), The “Reason” of Schooling: Historicizing Curriculum Studies, Pedagogy, and Teacher Education ( 2014, ed); and Political Sociology and Transnational Educational Studies: Styles of Reason Governing Teaching, Curriculum, and Teacher Education (in press, with J. Diaz and C. Kirchgasler, eds)

He is currently working on a book about the social science as a history of the present.  It examines the historical and political limits of the social and education sciences concerned with planning to change the conditions of schools through finding practical and useful knowledge.

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