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AAACS Commission on the Status of Curriculum Studies Update

The leadership of Bergamo and JCT Online are excited to announce that the AAACS Commission will be meeting and sponsoring a special session at the conference this fall. Below is more information from the Chair of the Commission Madeline Grumet.

Conversations about teaching curriculum theory:

Some of you may recall the interest in discussing how we teach curriculum theory that was expressed at the Town Hall meeting of AAACS last spring. We are eager to initiate these conversations, hoping to hold them this year at Bergamo and AAACS. In both of these venues we plan to announce the session before the meeting, inviting four professors who teach curriculum theory to sign up for the session at the beginning of the conference. We will record their remarks and conversation and ask that papers be submitted after the conference for an archive and for possible publication. At each session we ask that these questions be addressed:

  • How do you distinguish this course from social foundations or cultural studies courses?
  • What are you trying to convey to students in this course?
  • How have you designed the course and why have you made these choices?
  • What are the texts that you consider to be central to your course?
  • What processes do you ask students to engage in their work?
  • What are the pedagogical questions or dilemmas that this course brings to you?

We hope that these conversations will not only generate information about the teaching of curriculum theory, but will also provide a forum for the discussion of the subtle and significant issues of teaching.

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