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Collection on M/Othering seeks contributions…

We wanted to take this opportunity to let everyone know about a possible publication opportunity.  If you have any questions or to request the full call for submissions please follow the contact information at the end of the announcement.

A bodied curriculum attends to the relational, social, and ethical implications of “being-with” other bodies differently and to the different knowledges such bodily encounters produce. It is a practice of being oriented to others, to touch, to reflect, and to dwell with others relationally. Re-conceptualize m/othering as a bodied curriculum opens up maternity to the in-between of corporeality, materiality, and difference.

Submissions are sought from scholars interested in the intersections between mothering, educational scholarship, and identities of difference. The following topics among others are encouraged: readings of the maternal body in teaching and learning; mothering as curriculum; historical examinations of teacher-mothers; understandings, experiences, and practices of mothering that de-centre the western norms of motherhood; artistic documentation of aspects of motherhood; mothering and popular culture; the embrace of motherhood in education; the problematics of motherhood as a theme; the challenges of maintaining a balance between motherhood and teaching/research; making motherhood a “legitimate” topic for research; issues of motherhood and family leave in the workplace; mothering “success stories” in the face of adversity.

If you are interested in submitting to this co-edited collection please send an abstract by October 15, 2008. Submit to Stephanie Springgay, sss23@psu.edu. Subject line: M/othering.

Deadline for initial abstract: October 15, 2008. Include: Include: Title, Abstract (500-800 words), Name, Institutional Affiliation, Address, Phone, Email Address, and Brief Bio (50 words). Arts-based submissions are also welcome.

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