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34th Annual Bergamo Conference on Curriculum Theory and Classroom Practice

Looking Inward, Reaching Outward: Recursive, Trans-disciplinary Curriculum Theorizing

October 16-20, 2013

Bergamo Conference Center
Dayton, Ohio
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As contemporary education reform continues to transform public education, an opportunity to simultaneously self-reflect and collaborate across a variety of theoretical perspectives seems appropriate. Given the legacies within curriculum theory for these pursuits and the possible critical examination of their intersections, this year’s conference offers an opportunity for scholarly work that examines and troubles the role of curriculum theory in an ever-shifting context through/within an examination of the experience of being and/or/with a move across disciplines. Collaboration, critique, and reflection are at the heart of such a process of curriculum theorizing and provide fertile ground for an exploration of both theoretical and material implications.

We invite teachers, students, scholars, theorists, administrators, and cultural workers to join us in this endeavor at the 2013 Bergamo Conference on Curriculum Theory and Classroom Practice. Reflecting our commitment to advance understandings of curriculum and practice, this year’s conference features speakers whose work challenges us to imagine new possibilities for curriculum and educational theorizing. The “Provoking Dialogue(s)” sessions return for a fourth year allowing for us to engage in communal discussion of new and classic curriculum texts. The conference also will feature diverse and dynamic all-conference sessions, nightly social and cultural events, and professional development opportunities targeted at current graduate students.

Organizers invite a wide range of submissions that revolve around, but are not limited to, the following categories:

  • Cultural Studies and Curriculum
  • International/Transnational Curriculum Discourses
  • Literacies, Autobiography, and Curriculum History
  • Higher Education and Curriculum Theorizing
  • Curriculum Studies and Philosophical Perspectives
  • Curriculum Theory, Classroom Practice, and Disciplinary Perspectives

Keynote Speakers

Greg Dimitriadis, Ph.D.
University at Buffalo

Elizabeth Adams St. Pierre, Ph.D.
The University of Georgia

M. Francyne Huckaby, Ph.D.
Texas Christian University

All-Conference Sessions

There are several all-conference sessions planned for this year’s conference. Past topics of these sessions include cultural studies, oral history and curriculum studies, global imaginations in curriculum studies, and social class privilege. More information about these sessions will be provided in the coming months.

Panel Discussion: Žižek and Education
Chair: Antonio Garcia, Ph.D., Indiana University
Samuel Rocha, Ph.D., University of North Dakota
Peter Appelbaum, Ph.D., Arcadia University
Jennifer Milam, Ph.D., The University of Akron
Dennis Carlson, Ph.D., Miami University
Tommy Mayberry, Ph.D. Student, University of Waterloo

The New Empiricism/Materialism?
Patti Lather, Ph.D., The Ohio State University
Elizabeth Adams St. Pierre, Ph.D., The University of Georgia

Provoking Dialogue(s)

In its third year, the “Provoking Dialogue(s)” series provides opportunities for authors or editors of books that are significant within the curriculum studies field, dialoguers who are also notable scholars within the field, and the audience to engage in provocative dialogues using the featured book as a jumping off point.

Panel Discussion of Donald Blumenfeld-Jones’ Curriculum and the Aesthetic Life: Hermeneutics, Body, Democracy, and Ethics in Curriculum Theory

Donald Blumenfeld-Jones, Ph.D., Arizona State University
David Lee Carlson, Ed.D., Arizona State University
Molly Quinn, Ph.D., Teachers College, Columbia University
Daiyu Suzuki, Doctoral Student, Teachers College, Columbia University
Peter Appelbaum, Ph.D., Arcadia University

Panel Discussion of The Evolving Significance of Race: Living, Learning and Teaching, Theodorea Berry & Sherick Hughes, Eds.

Isabela Nuñez, Ph.D., Concordia University-Chicago
David Stovall, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago
Boni Wozolek, Doctoral Candidate, Kent State University

Additional Panelists TBA

Book Sale

The annual Bergamo book sale is a tradition of the conference, with major curriculum theory texts available for purchase every year. If you would like your book to be featured please contact Gabriel Huddleston at gabe@jctonline.org.

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About the Conference

The Bergamo Conference on Curriculum Theory and Classroom Practice has served as a gathering place for theorists/practitioners and practitioners/theorists, including teachers, students, scholars, administrators, cultural workers, from various perspectives and all walks of life, to join in dialogical and collaborative encounters since 1969. Committed to bringing different and diverse discourses into public conversations, the conference welcomes all viewpoints in forming a shared community of dissensus. The conference encourages innovative styles of presenting intellectual work in the field of curriculum theory.

About the Journal

JCT: Journal of Curriculum Theorizing is an interdisciplinary journal of curriculum studies. It offers an academic forum for scholarly discussions of curriculum. Historically aligned with the “reconceptualist” movement in curriculum theorizing, and oriented toward informing and affecting classroom practice, JCT presents compelling pieces within forms that challenge disciplinary, genre, and textual boundaries. The journal is associated with the Bergamo Conference on Curriculum Theory and Classroom Practice, held in the autumn of each year. JCT is indexed in The Education Index.

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