Happy New Year from JCT


Thank you so much for your tremendous personal and professional support of The Journal of Curriculum Theorizing and the Bergamo Conference this past year. We started off with such great energy hosting our first conference as a team with you in Fall of 2019. It was a tremendous meeting, one of the best professional meetings I have ever been involved with. We celebrated our 40th anniversary, had a strong turnout of over 150 registrants, and heard stimulating and challenging papers and presentations along with powerful keynote speeches.

In 2019, building on the steady and great work of the previous editors, Rob Helfenbein and Gabe Huddleston, we published 5 journal issues and we worked through 2020 to publish 4 more outstanding issues of the journal. This required tremendous teamwork and support. We are especially grateful to Kelly Waldrop for her outstanding leadership as managing editor and for the section editors and reviewers who kept the work moving.  

Amid the challenges brought on by the pandemic and social upheaval, the cancellation of the 2020 meeting at Bergamo in October had a great impact on our community. We all missed our usual communications about the conference and coming together. The cancellation of the conference was further amplified as we faced challenges with getting reviews completed in a timely manner resulting in some manuscripts not moving as quickly as they should have through the review system. The strain on institutional resources this year has increased the workload for many and the mental stress of the year has affected us all in profound ways. Simply put, these factors impacted the time and energy many of our reviewers and staff were able to sustain for the work. As we move into the new year, we are working as hard and as quickly as we can to regroup and maintain an efficient and timely review process for manuscript submissions.

And no matter what, we will have a meeting in October of 2021! We hope it is in person in Dayton, under the theme “Curriculum as Luminous” as we had planned to execute last Fall. Even if we can’t meet in-person, we will hold a virtual meeting and do our best to capture the excitement and excellence of our Bergamo meetings. In the meantime, Cynthia Sanders, our conference program chair, and Kristan Barczak, our co-conference program chair, are working on and planning several Facebook Live and Podcast special programs for the coming year. Please look for announcements about these events in late January and plan to participate. We appreciate those of you who have made suggestions and stayed in touch.  Everyone’s effort is necessary to keep the work going. As we look forward to a new year, we ask you to consider investing in our community by volunteering to review manuscripts, writing and submitting your own work, and making plans to join us in 2021 for several new online programs and the annual meeting in October.

Be well and make 2021 a great year with us.  We really appreciate the opportunity to serve the field and look forward to many connections with you in the new year.

Best Regards, 

Tom Poetter, JCT Editor

Save the Date!

44th Annual JCT Conference on
Curriculum Theory and Classroom Practice

October 17-19, 2024

Bergamo Conference Center

Dayton, Ohio